Sunday, 27 January 2008


Well, my blogging has certainly taken a back seat, as I've become involved in Network Marketing. But I guess that's the way it goes - life takes all sorts of twists & turns as we're faced with different situations.

Actually, I've been so busy that there's scarcely been time to shower, shop, sleep & even eat, which means that my life has taken on a life of its own & is totally out-of-balance!

Hence, I've had to make a DECISION to take myself in hand & do some prioritising. And that's a lesson in itself - a lesson we all must learn at some stage if we are to become healthy in mind, body & spirit, whilst remaining productive in some way.

It's Affiliate Marketing I've decided upon, because that seems at the moment the easiest for me to slot into at my age. Let's face it, I can't afford to take YEARS to learn new skills - that would defeat the purpose of the exercise!

Whether I WILL reach my goal of earning enough extra money. via this means, to fund better accommodation for my husband, also having extra for the needy, as well as a little for my own use, is improbable at this stage - I'm still paying out far more than I'm bringing in! However, I HAVE cut back SOME of the programs I'd joined & I'm becoming more focussed on those which interest me more for either ethical or financial reasons. But it's not easy - then again, anything that's worthwhile rarely IS!

I'm determined not to give up without making a concerted effort, but my problem has perhaps always been TRYING TOO HARD - answering that childhood message, " Do your best!" The trouble IS - What is "your best" - when DOES one stop? Even when we were out fishing in our boat, I always wanted to stay "another few minutes", because I might just catch another one!

And, of course, for ME, there was ever that hope that if I did that little bit better, I might be acceptable enough to be loved! And even though I've dealt with all that as completely as I'm able, I know there will always be a residue lurking in the background, of which I need to be aware .......... but more of that later!


denise said...

Hi Val -

Great Blog! There are pearls of wisdom all over the place....I love the quote about having to live forwards.

I recently posted a piece on balance on my blog: "Priority Rebalancing - 5 steps to regain lost focus".

I hope you find it helpful. :)

Keep Movin',