Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Experiences of a Newbie Online Marketer

Don't believe all the HYPE around Online Marketing - it's phenomenal!!

"You HAVE to hear this!" "This is the answer to all your financial problems!" "Here's an awesome offer!" "Hurry! Only a few positions left..." "don't miss out!"

These are the kinds of emails which arrive daily in every Internet marketer's mailbox - dozens of them! And to a newbie marketer they sound mighty tempting. You start to believe that online marketing must be a cinch - there are so many "gurus" who are making thousands, if not millions! You could make a fortune in no time. But I'm telling you, it's a lot of hard work!!

Talk about "leaving your 9-5 JOB & having time to yourself"! What a joke - it may be so for those gurus who've done the hard yards, who've automated their whole system & who've already MADE millions, but so far, I've been at the computer for many MORE hours/day than I've ever worked elsewhere, & for far fewer dollars! Whatever you do, don't leave your regular job until you've really sorted out the "good" programs from the scams, & that could take you months!

You know from my last post that that's exactly what I've been endeavouring to do & I believe the confusion is finally beginning to clear, but you've really got to "hang in there" ............. it's been 4 months!

There are:

* some programs it would be unwise to leave - just yet anyway.

* some I'm cutting back on "extras".

* free programs, that I can advertise when I have time, which I may as well keep.

* others which charge monthly fees, but are too useful as advertising resources to give up,
even though they are not directly producing income.

* some which charge no fees & will advertise for you ... IF ... you buy an advertising pack
from them.

* and still others which charge a one-time fee ONLY, & I will, of course, retain those whose fees I have already paid.

Yes, I have been burned - yes, I have spent too much money, more than I could really afford,
but I have learnt a lot, the chaff is gradually being blown away & I'm concentrating now on what seem to be more solid options.

If you are interested in knowing what some of those options are, contact me at my email address:


or post a comment following this post. If I can help you in ANY way, I'll be more than happy to do so.