Saturday, 27 October 2007

"Have you hugged your child today?"

That was a bumper sticker in Australia in the 1970's, when my children were growing up, & on occasion my son would come to me, as I was making an after-school snack, saying just that - " Have you hugged your child today?" Of course he would always get exactly what he was asking for. But it's true, sometimes I did forget in the flurry of meals, piano lessons, soccer & netball practice etc etc .............. & it was great that he was able to remind me in that way. However, maybe YOU have a child or children who find it difficult to actually ASK for affection.

So, "HAVE YOU HUGGED YOUR CHILD TODAY?" OR your husband/wife or anyone else whom you love? Because it means so much more if one doesn't have to ASK for it, if it's given SPONTANEOUSLY. And if a child CAN'T ask, as I never could, & they're NOT told or shown, that child may be desperate to know, which in turn could be affecting his behaviour, his self- esteem, his achievements.

I'm sure there are parents out there (like MY parents), who simply EXPECT their children to KNOW they are loved, even though they DON'T tell them or give them lots of hugs, kisses & cuddles. And Dads, don't think YOU'RE exempt - most children are just as desperate for their father's approval as their mother's.

Perhaps it may seem strange to you at first, because that's not how it was for YOU as a child, but believe me it'll be worth stepping a little outside your comfort zone - your bond with your children will become so much closer.

So, "Have you hugged your child today?" If not, DO IT, DO IT NOW!!

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Yes and hugs are free !

Live Your Dreams,

Jill :)